Wound Care

We provide Wound healing service both at our location and Skilled Nursing Facilities. We provide a coordinated variety of specialized treatment options.. Our services include debridement, medicines, advanced dressings and support services to treat chronic, complex wounds.

There are essentially two types of wounds; Acute and Chronic. High-quality wound care is essential for maintaining proper health, especially when suffering from a chronic wound. Chronic wounds are complex and can be caused by intrinsic or extrinsic influences and all age groups or patient types from the healthy to those with multiple co-morbidities can be affected. Some examples of chronic wounds may include: pressure ulcers (bed sores, etc.), diabetic ulcers, ischemia (decreased blood flow to the wound), and infection. When a wound has not healed within a four week period, specialized care can be implemented.

Our wound treatment specialized team helps patients in Skilled Nursing home facilities to help nurse wound care. We can change gastric feeding tubes, skin biopsy at bedside and any other surgical components that can be done on bedside. Our team consists of Vascular Surgeon, General Surgeon, Infectious disease physicians to help care for Skilled Nursing Home(SNF) patients. In addition we can also provide home health nursing services to wound care including various grafts. We provide latest and new graft to promote healing.

Our team of wound care consists of Dr. Wantzy Cooper, D.O. (Vascular Surgeon and Wound Care), Dr Nang Nguyen and Dr. Scott Benninghoven M.D.

…Our family is greatly, deeply grateful to doctor Nguyen’s expertise, dedication, sincere, and caring to his patients and their families.

– Jennifer T., Yelp Review