Your First Visit


Welcome to the offices of Advanced Surgical Associates, in San Jose, California. To make your visit more comfortable, please take note of the following suggestions/recommendations.

So we may best serve you –

  1. Please call the office to schedule your appointment prior to your visit.
  2. Please inform our staff immediately if you are in need of urgent care, such as bleeding, too much pain…etc.
  3. You will be asked to fill out the patient’s personal information and the consent for treatment on your first visit. Our staff may ask to see your I.D. and your insurance card. All of this information is kept confidential.
  4. If surgery is advised for you, our staff will work with you on scheduling and pre-op procedures. Depending on your health condition, your scheduled surgery time will often be available within one to two weeks.
  5. Our staff will contact your insurance carrier for authorization. If a co-pay or deductible is applied, you will be informed by our office manager, however, we are only responsible for all the bills from our office. You may want to contact your insurance directly for other related concerns, such as hospital and laboratory expenses, especially if you are on a PPO plan.
  6. Two or three days before your surgery date, you will need to come back to our office for pre-op instructions and visit the hospital for a pre-op blood test, if one is required, depending on the surgery you are having.
  7. A post-op visit will be scheduled one week after your surgery date. Please follow all post-op instructions for your good health.
  8. The day after surgery, our staff will call you to make sure you doing well and to answer any post-operative questions you might have.

We look forward to helping you return to optimal health so you can again enjoy your activities with family and friends.

…To sum it up I had a great experience, would definitely recommend Dr Kalle Stidham and commend the staff at Advanced Surgical Associates.

– Rahul A., Yelp Review