Colon and rectal surgery, including colectomy (removal of part or all of the colon), traditionally required a large incision, causing a significant amount of post-operative pain and an extended recovery period. Now the minimally invasive laparoscopic technique used by the surgeons of Advanced Surgical Associates, only requires several (3-4) small incisions (2-4 cm), achieves the same results as traditional surgery, and patients recover faster and experience less pain.

Because laparoscopic colorectal surgery requires extensive specialized training, it is estimated that only 5% of surgeons are qualified to perform these procedures.  At Advanced Surgical Associates, our surgeons have performed many laparoscopic surgeries in treating various colon and rectal diseases including diverticulitis, cancer, sigmoid and non-cancerous polyps, and adhesions.

Advantages of Laparoscopy

Laparoscopic surgery patients experience less pain and only require 3 to 4 days stay in the hospital.  Within 2 weeks, they can return to normal activities including work. By contrast, “open” traditional techniques require a large abdominal incision (usually 8 to 12 inches long), a 6 to 8 day stay in the hospital, and 4 to 6 weeks to recover fully, not to mention significant post-operative pain. In addition, because laparoscopy uses a telescopic video-camera, the surgeons have a better view of internal organs, so patients lose less blood and experience fewer infections.

…Our family is greatly, deeply grateful to doctor Nguyen’s expertise, dedication, sincere, and caring to his patients and their families.

– Jennifer T., Yelp Review