Hernia Repair

It is estimated that surgeons perform about approximately 2 million laparotomies (surgical incisions into the abdominal wall) annually in the United States. 10%-25% of these procedures are for repair of hernias.

The traditional open surgery repair of hernias with sutures produces long-term recurrences at rates of up to 40%. The invention of synthetic mesh has decreased the recurrence rate by about 10%. However implanting the synthetic mesh can be time consuming and may increase the risk of wound infection. This is why the physicians of Advanced Surgical Associates have moved to laparoscopic techniques, first introduced in 1993, as the procedure of choice for repairing hernias.

At Advanced Surgical Associates, our surgeons are at the forefront of laparoscopic hernia surgery. Our surgeons are not only well skilled and trained but have done the greatest number of laparoscopic hernia procedures in the area. In addition, we are one of the training centers for laparoscopic hernia repair in the Western United States.

Our surgeons perform laparoscopic repair for inguinal, incision, ventral, and umbilical hernias. Compared with traditional open surgery repair, laparoscopic techniques offer lower complication rates, shorter hospital stays, less pain, and smaller incisions.

…Our family is greatly, deeply grateful to doctor Nguyen’s expertise, dedication, sincere, and caring to his patients and their families.

– Jennifer T., Yelp Review