Spine Surgery – Neurosurgery

Back and Leg Pain

Dr. Hua specializes in Lamina Preserving Surgery that avoids laminectomy! Dr. Hua also uses a Dime Sized Incision for herniated discs and most Fusions. So your pain will be relieved with faster recovery while preserving the stability of your spine.

Neck and Arm Pain

Cervical spine disease can cause neck pain, arm pain, headache, and even paralysis. Dr. Hua specializes in proven techniques like Artifical Disc Replacement and Foraminotomy which avoids fusion and Laminoplasty which avoids laminectomy and preserves stability.

Brain Disorders

From facial pain to brain tumors, brain disorders can be complex to understand and treat. Dr. Hua explains the problem clearly and treats the problem effectively. Blood clots are treated using tiny incisions, while brain surgery is done with minimal hair shave.