Beating the New Year’s Blues

Everyone is running around yelling “Happy New Year”. Crowds gather. There is the big countdown at Times Square in New York.

The bubbly pops and drinks are shared all around.

So how come I feel blue? Where has my energy and cheer gone? There can be several causes for the New Year’s blues and there are remedies.

  • Watch your drinking. It can be a real downer.
  • Make sure that you are with people you like in situations that are comfortable.
  • Losses cause grief. The death of a loved one. The loss of a job or even a home. Be sure to get help with your grief. There are good ways to deal with it and bad ways.
  • If last year was rough, it may be hard to see a positive change in the New Year. Change the things you can. Develop ways to handle the things you can’t change and pray for the wisdom to know the difference. (Sound familiar? It is the mantra for Alcoholics Anonymous.)
  • Focus on happy times in the past year. Did someone near you have a special success? Are things looking better for people you know?
  • Look for ways to help other people. There are a lot of volunteer opportunities. Is there someone who could use a visit, a phone call, or even an email?
  • If you have more down days than good days or if you have really depressive periods, look for help from your community mental health clinic, your doctor, your church. If your company has an employee assistance program (EAP) be sure to get help. Your employer cannot find out about your EAP inquiries because your privacy is protected by law -– the Health Insurance Portability and Protection Act. (HIPPA).
  • Get outside -– weather permitting -– and go for a walk. Go downtown or to the mall, but stay away from the bars.
    If music transports you, turn it on. Make sure it is light and sunny.
  • Are the kids getting you down? Try to relax and have fun with them. They will be grown and gone before you know it. Try group games and turning off the tube. Got troublesome teens? Get some distance.  Remember the airline safety procedure: Put on your own oxygen mask before putting it on your child.
  • Is your spouse a drag? Are there money problems? Have they had to work over the holidays? Do fun things that don’t cost much money. Go to parks, museums, the skating rink.
  • Keep your energy positive by positive thought, ideas, and hopes. Stay away from people who are wet blankets or those who suck all the light out of the room. Keep your candle burning bright into the New Year.
The entire staff of Advanced Surgical Associates wishes you and yours a Happy and Healthy New Year!

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