Spine Surgery – Neurosurgery

Back and Leg Pain

Dr. Hua specializes in Lamina Preserving Surgery that avoids laminectomy! Dr. Hua also uses a Dime Sized Incision for herniated discs and most Fusions. So your pain will be relieved with faster recovery while preserving the stability of your spine.

Neck and Arm Pain

Cervical spine disease can cause neck pain, arm pain, headache, and even paralysis. Dr. Hua specializes in proven techniques like Artifical Disc Replacement and Foraminotomy which avoids fusion and Laminoplasty which avoids laminectomy and preserves stability.

Brain Disorders

From facial pain to brain tumors, brain disorders can be complex to understand and treat. Dr. Hua explains the problem clearly and treats the problem effectively. Blood clots are treated using tiny incisions, while brain surgery is done with minimal hair shave.

Micro-Endoscopic Discectomy

Dime Sized Incision Spinal Surgery
Truly Minimally Invasive

Many patients say that Sciatica pain is worse than Childbirth.  This pain can be relieved by a simple surgery through a tiny incision.  Dr. Hua performs this Microscopic Discectomy surgery through an incision smaller than a dime through a small tube and a microscope.  This incision size is about the size of some endoscopic or laproscopic surgical incisions.  In some cases a true endoscopic approach is an option for patients with foraminal stenosis through incisions smaller than a half inch (10mm).

For some patients with foraminal stenosis, a new endoscopic approach is an option. The incision size for this approach less than 10 mm and a real endoscope is used to remove disc and ligamentous material compressing the exiting nerve within the foramen.

​Recently there has been interest towards using lasers to shrink disc material rather than removing it mechanically.  Lasers are commonly used in medicine to burn tissue such as in retina surgery for retinal detachments and hepatic surgery for coagulation. Laser surgery also has been used in neurosurgery for delicate tumor resection in the brain and within the spinal cord.

For spinal disc surgery, lasers are one of several methods to burn or cauterize tissue. Lasers can shrink disc material and soft tissue, but they cannot remove bone spurs and bony overgrowth.  Also lasers cannot bend around corners. In contrast micro-discectomy surgery through small tubes allow bone spurs and overgrowths to be removed by a precision drill.  Additionally specialized curved instruments allow removal of tissue around the corner at the end of the tubes, thus expanding the reach of the surgical decompression beyond the diameter of the tube and the small incision.

If you have been recommended for a spinal fusion, Dr. Hua also performs spinal fusion in the lumbar spine through a dime sized incision.  Please follow the Dime Sized Incision Fusion Link below for more information.

​​​If you are having back or leg pain, visit the Contact Us for options to discuss your situation with Dr. Hua either as your first evaluation or as a second opinion.  We can even review your MRI scans through the internet or by phone. The phone or online consultation is secure and confidential and can be conducted from the comforts of your home.  If you would like to see Dr. Hua in person, Dr. Hua has offices located in the San Francisco Bay area.​

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Bariatric Surgery – Youthfulness and Family Benefits

Jackie got her life back with bariatric surgery. You will notice in the video that she looks more youthful and vibrant. In addition to the cosmetic effect of the weight loss, something deeper is going on – metabolic wellness.

Weight loss may slow aging

We normally think of bariatric surgery as a procedure that helps patients reduce the risk of adult onset diabetes and cardiovascular problems.  A recent study at Stanford University produced some interesting evidence that weight loss resulting from bariatric surgery may have created a change in the patient’s genetic functioning. Apparently, obesity affects the aging mechanism in human cells. As cells age, the telomeres, which are like the plastic caps on shoelaces, get shorter until the cell is no longer able to reproduce. Obesity appears to speed up the aging process by shortening the telomeres. However significant weight loss appears to slow down the aging process by slowing down the shortening of the telomeres. The change is only about 2 – 3% which is within the margin of error, that is, the normal range of variation in telomere length, but it is something that will be looked at more closely.

In addition to the potential benefits of major weight loss on slowing the process of aging on the genetic level, there are the real benefits of looking and feeling better. The body’s features are not distorted, so moving as well as resting become comfortable. Since obesity also affects our metabolism, it affects our ability to use nutrients to rebuild our bodies and to create the energy that makes us alive. Obesity leads to metabolic syndrome. It causes our metabolism to be dysfunctional. This leads to metabolic diseases such as adult onset diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, and the inflammation of organ systems. When our weight comes into line with the size of our bodies, everything starts working better. This improved function gives us a youthful glow and energy and a much more enjoyable experience of living.

A Ripple Effect for Families

Weight loss apparently benefits other members of the family. In another study at Stanford University family members participated in classes on nutrition, portion control, and exercise. After a year, family members had lost ten pounds on average and improved their health through nutrition and exercise.

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Beating the New Year’s Blues

Everyone is running around yelling “Happy New Year”. Crowds gather. There is the big countdown at Times Square in New York.

The bubbly pops and drinks are shared all around.

So how come I feel blue? Where has my energy and cheer gone? There can be several causes for the New Year’s blues and there are remedies.

  • Watch your drinking. It can be a real downer.
  • Make sure that you are with people you like in situations that are comfortable.
  • Losses cause grief. The death of a loved one. The loss of a job or even a home. Be sure to get help with your grief. There are good ways to deal with it and bad ways.
  • If last year was rough, it may be hard to see a positive change in the New Year. Change the things you can. Develop ways to handle the things you can’t change and pray for the wisdom to know the difference. (Sound familiar? It is the mantra for Alcoholics Anonymous.)
  • Focus on happy times in the past year. Did someone near you have a special success? Are things looking better for people you know?
  • Look for ways to help other people. There are a lot of volunteer opportunities. Is there someone who could use a visit, a phone call, or even an email?
  • If you have more down days than good days or if you have really depressive periods, look for help from your community mental health clinic, your doctor, your church. If your company has an employee assistance program (EAP) be sure to get help. Your employer cannot find out about your EAP inquiries because your privacy is protected by law -– the Health Insurance Portability and Protection Act. (HIPPA).
  • Get outside -– weather permitting -– and go for a walk. Go downtown or to the mall, but stay away from the bars.
    If music transports you, turn it on. Make sure it is light and sunny.
  • Are the kids getting you down? Try to relax and have fun with them. They will be grown and gone before you know it. Try group games and turning off the tube. Got troublesome teens? Get some distance.  Remember the airline safety procedure: Put on your own oxygen mask before putting it on your child.
  • Is your spouse a drag? Are there money problems? Have they had to work over the holidays? Do fun things that don’t cost much money. Go to parks, museums, the skating rink.
  • Keep your energy positive by positive thought, ideas, and hopes. Stay away from people who are wet blankets or those who suck all the light out of the room. Keep your candle burning bright into the New Year.
The entire staff of Advanced Surgical Associates wishes you and yours a Happy and Healthy New Year!